Why I weigh myself every day


This is a great pic from Molly Galbraith from Girls Gone Strong.

The scale or the number it represents can often make people crazy. In fact it made me crazy until I started to use it every day.

I know I know, weighing yourself daily seems obsessive, but for me it helped me separate myself from the number and the scale just became another tracking tool.

By weighing daily I was able to see how the things I did the day before would affect the scale. For instance, if I ate a lot of sodium I would see a 2-3 lbs jump in the scale the next morning. The same thing would happen if I didn’t sleep well, was sore from a workout or on TOM. By weighing everyday I would also see the number normalize when I went back to my regular routine. Instead of spending the whole week between weigh ins worried about the number I can identify why it was up and move on.

Not everyone is able to do this and there were times where I did drive myself crazy but in the long run weighing myself daily has helped me have a better relationship with the scale.


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