Free as a Bird

Anyone who knows me knows that I am terrible at naming things… absolutely terrible!

So today’s assignment for blogging 101 seems especially hard. Ugh.

So let’s look at my history of naming things.

My dog’s name is Daisy, one of the most common names for a dog.

Naming Fail.

My WoW ‘toon names all came from the random name generator, and then I haven’t deviated from those names since. I have kept the same ones for years and across many games.

Naming Fail #2

It took me months to come up with a roller derby name (Nerdie Birdie) and even then it is not that exciting, although very fitting for me. I am a nerd, and my name is Robyn. Half naming fail.

So now this blog.

I am satisfied with the name, but the tagline is a whole other story.

This blog is a reboot. I had a previous blog that I had intended to use to review fitness apps. But I quickly found that very limiting. My intention with this blog is not to limit myself in that way. I want to be free to write about whatever I want, whenever I want. But how do you create a tagline for that?

The song “Free Bird” pops into my head at this moment and inspiration strikes.


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