So what brings out my competitive streak? The questions should be “What doesn’t?” But there are two main contributors.

1. Any PVP video game, but right now League of Legends.

There are days that my husband refuses to play with me because I am too competitive and yell at him.

I actually regulate my playing time because I used to stay up too late just trying to win a game that it was affecting everything else in my life.

2. Any sport, but I  mainly field hockey, softball and roller derby.

I have a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde personality when it comes to sports. Normally I am a pretty quiet, laid back person. But put me in a game situation and I become hyper focused and driven. I can also be a complete ******.

I can definitely take my competitiveness too far, sometimes so much that I don’t like who I am. Keeping this in check and not getting frustrated is something I am working on.


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