Balance & Endurance Workout

One of the ladies I coach had told me that she wanted to work on balance and endurance to help improve her game. My intention as a coach was to work on that with all my skaters, but the problem is that we only have one, maybe two, practices a week.

You are certainly not going to build any sort of endurance by only practicing once a week.

This obviously means that my skaters will have to work on this outside of practice and I suspect that many of them currently don’t. And those that are may not be focusing in the right areas.

The training for Roller Derby should be something like a football or hockey player. You can’t do steady state cardio and expect to build enough endurance. You need strong legs, a strong core, and endurance to take hits and keep coming back.

It doesn’t feel right to leave my skaters with ‘you have to work more on your own’ and not offer them any guidance. So I decided to put together a three day a week workout program to help with balance and endurance.

This is the first time I have really created a workout plan for other people, so I am excited to see how it will work for them. And please let me know what you think.

Yesterday I gave Day 1 a try and it kicked my butt. So I think we have a winner!

I have created a page for the workout on my blog and you can find it here.


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