Hand Grip

So after three weeks of doing cross fit two times a week, and a 5 day a week pull up program my hands were shredded.

Last week they hurt so badly it was hard to complete the prescribed work out. The exercise was toes to bar and I felt that it was my hands that were holding me back. So now what?

Well in conversation with another cross fitter they mentioned their hands hurt in a different location. That made me think that it was my grip that was the problem.

A quick google search gave me a plethora of bloody hand pictures (apparently bloody hands are viewed as a badge of honor to many cross fitters… wtf!), and a few links to ways to improve grip.

The best article seems to appear over and over in different forms so I have linked the first one I found here:


It suggests holding the bar at the base of the fingers and not in the middle of the palm.

I have been trying this for the last week and it has helped greatly. Today I didn’t even use chalk and my hands were fine.



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