Slice of life #1 – A Good Clean

I decided to start participating in the Slice of Life challenge every Tuesday. So here is my first entry.

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I gather all the pieces and lay the out on the towel. I have been meaning to do this for a while but kept putting it off. Now seems as good a time as ever.

I grab my screwdriver, cursing that I wasn’t able to find my bearing tool. Slowly I work through each wheel pulling out the bearings. The first one is tricky and I curse more that I lost my tool, but each subsequent wheel is easier.

A few minutes later all the bearings are free of the wheels.

Slowly and methodically, I remove the rubber casing from each bearing. This whole process is actually rather cathartic.

The bearings are ready for cleaning. Each one is attached to the cleaning device and submerged in the solution. A few good shakes and the bearings are clean.

Removed from the solution and patted dry, all that remains is to add a few drops of speed oil to the bearings and to wipe the wheel to free them of any dust. The process of putting everything back together begins.

Piece by piece everything snaps into place and the wheels are ready to hit the floor.


6 thoughts on “Slice of life #1 – A Good Clean

  1. Hmmmm…it’s fun that you’re joining in on Slice of Life! I’m so curious what exactly you were cleaning! I’m in Chicago and it’s too early for outdoor sports with wheels – like bikes or rollerblades…maybe you’ll share next week what you were working on?


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