Health and Fitness Fridays: Macro Nutrients Part 1

If there is one thing about dieting and nutrition that has always confused me, it’s macro nutrients. I managed to lose weight without paying any attention to them, so I figured I could maintain without paying attention to them too.

This past Wednesday, I was ravenous. I couldn’t satisfy my hunger, I ate and ate all day but it wasn’t until I ate one slice of cheese right before bed that I finally felt satisfied. It got me thinking that maybe I need to re-examine my nutrient intake.

I have had my Macros set at 40% Carbs, 35% Protein, and 25% fat for a while but never actually tried to hit those numbers. I have no idea if those numbers are even right for me as I just randomly picked them. You can see from my weekly report that I am not even coming close to hitting my protein number but my carbs and fats are almost always over.

Macros 2CarbsProtein Fat

So my goal is to really examine my macro nutrients to find the right mix for me. The first way for me to do that is to really focus on hitting my current targets and see if that makes a difference in how I feel.

Part 2 will review how I have been doing at hitting my targets. I will also be researching more into Macros and will share some of what I learn with you.

Stay tuned.


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