Roller Derby and Body Image

I wanted to play roller derby long before I actually joined. Part of my reasoning for not joining right away was related to body image and athleticism. I was not in a place where I felt I could play. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked or how my body performed.I lost weight, gained confidence and then joined. But as soon as I joined I realized my mistake.

Roller derby would have been the perfect thing to join when I was not happy with my body image and my confidence was at an all time low.

That’s because Roller Derby doesn’t care. Sure, to play competitively you need a certain level of athleticism, but your weight or you size doesn’t make a different. And you can develop athleticism as you develop in Roller Derby. It is one sport that truly allows athletes of all shapes and sizes to play equally.

As a sport, roller derby empowers women to embrace their bodies they way they are because their bodies actually work to their advantage.

Don’t believe me, then check out the Rollergirl Projects: Body by Derby series. This is a photo series of different roller girls, with a goal to “show all of the different shapes and forms a derby athlete can take and that perfection is not required to be a strong, capable skater.”


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