Health and Fitness Fridays: Listen to your body

When I was in high school I slipped a disk in my back. I never knew what caused it, but probably bending over constantly for field hockey and having a weak core. Which is funny because at the time I was in really good shape, but apparently not in my core.

It was probably the most painful experience I have ever had. I remember not being able to stand in science class because it was too painful to sit. I remember having to roll out of bed because I could not stand due to the pain. Somehow I would get up and dressed, but I was in constant pain.

At my mum’s urging I went to physio. I had electrodes put on my back and had to work on strengthening my lower core. Eventually my back healed, but it has never quite been the same. It will act up every so often and leave me in pain for a few days. But never anything significant.

Flash forward 15 years and I am in the best shape of my life. I am very active and actually have a strong core. But that back pain started creeping up again.

It started with the cross fit workouts. Deadlifts and good mornings would leave my back in pain for a few days after the workout. But a few days rest and it would be ok and I would be on to the work out again. Pushing harder, lifting more weights.

Well the last few of weeks the pain hasn’t gone away. In fact my body has been sending me not so subtle signs to ease up. Not only has my lower back been bothering me, but my upper back too. Constantly.

But did I listen? No.

It took my husband basically yelling at me not to go to practice and not to work out because I was hurt before it hit me.

I had to check my pride.

I didn’t have to lift all the weights every time. I needed to fix my back and get my form down first.

So now I have scaled back on the weights in cross-fit, making sure I can do the exercise without hurting my back. I have also added supplementary workouts that aren’t too strenuous that focus on my posterior chain, as this is where most of my pain comes from.

So far so good, as I am pain free this week. But I need to be more aware of what my body is telling me.

Our bodies our fantastic machines, but like all machines they need to be taken care of. Would you ignore a check engine light in your care? So why ignore that in your body.

If something is hurting there is probably a reason, so listen to your body and ease up, or go get it checked out.


One thought on “Health and Fitness Fridays: Listen to your body

  1. I went through a something really similar – slipped a disc earlier last year – and I 100% agree with you on the pain levels! And ever since, like yourself, it flares up again to varying degrees, every month or 2 and lasts a few days. Good to hear that you’ve managed to find a workout that doesn’t put you in pain, I’m still pushing too hard as it doesnt necessarily hurt at the time because of all the adrenaline, and then really suffer the next day, struggling to bend etc. I’m thinking about physio to get some strength back! Really hope it eases off for you 🙂


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