Those little things called minimum skills.

The first big step for any new roller derby player is passing their minimum skills assessment. The first time you take the assessment it seems so scary, and almost impossible. On test day, the little things that you have trouble with suddenly seem like mountains to over come.

Passing those assessments means you can play in games, its a pretty big deal, and not passing them can feel devastating.

This week is testing week for my league and I can feel the tension from all the fresh meat. They are all so nervous. Worried they won’t pass. Adding to their anxiety is the fact that we changed floors just last week and the new floor seems so much harder to work with.

I just want to hug them and say don’t worry so much. It really isn’t that scary and the floor isn’t that bad. Its actually a really great skating surface.

But one year ago I was in the exact same boat.

I was fretting over my transitions, my stops, my laps… everything. There was nothing anyone could do to calm me, as my anxiety was all about self doubt.

That is the number one thing that will stop these girls from passing. Getting in their own head and not following the instincts they have developed over the last few months.

They all can pass, they just need to get out of their heads.


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