Health and Fitness Fridays: Weight Loss Fads Part 1

My Facebook feed is full of people on cleanses, patches or some other weight loss fad. It makes me groan every time I see a post. Some days I just feel like going on a big long rant about these things. It’s none of my business what they do, and if it works for them, great, but I really do not like the idea of these fads.

My next series of posts will be about the different fads and why they do or do not work. I will try my best to be objective with this and not make it a rant. I fear I have already lost my objectivity by calling them fads.  :/

As I have been swamped at work I will start with a little background and get into cleanses next week.


Before I begin here is a little background on me and my weight loss journey.

For a long time I thought my ideal weight was in the 180’s to 190’s. I felt comfortable at this weight. I never “struggled” with my weight, I didn’t actively try to lose weight over and over again. I was what I was and I was fine with that. I was always active, playing different sports and doing well at them. It wasn’t until I stopped playing and started feeling weak that I really felt motivated to make a change.

So my weight loss journey was more about regaining my athleticism than losing the weight.

While I was losing weight, I never subscribed to any of these weight loss gimmicks. I didn’t follow a specific diet. All I did was work out and watch my calorie intake. If you need to pigeon hole me the closest diet to what I did was ‘If It Fits Your Macros,’ but even that doesn’t count because the only thing I watched closely (aside from calories) was my sodium intake.

I didn’t cut out specific foods, I still drank, and I ate, and eat, crap. In fact, there is a donut sitting on my desk as I write. It was portion control, hard work and dedication that helped me lose 65 pounds and not cutting carbs, or protein or cleansing repeatedly.

I have never tried a cleanse, or a specific diet so I cannot speak from experience, all I can do is research and offer you my humble opinion.


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