One and done!

First game of the season is in the books. Yippee!

It was a very close game and we were trading leads for most of the first half, but unfortunately we ran into penalty trouble on a couple of jams in the second half that allowed them to take the lead and keep it. Regardless it was a fun, respectful game.

The highlight for the game for me was when I was lined up to start a jam and it was clear that their jammer wanted to hit me off the line. When the whistle blew I stepped backwards and she went flying past me as she tried to hit me. It was awesome!

My team tends to think itself as not as good as we are, but we proved that we were a very capable team, as our opponent had a number of girls that were pulled from a higher level team. I am so proud of the work we did and how well we played.

On a personal level, I felt like I was chasing the whole game and didn’t get lead jam as many times as I would have liked. That being said I didn’t get many points scored against me as I was often just a second behind their jammer and able to force a call off. I felt I held my own against their blockers, but I have difficulty dealing with small stature blockers because of my height.

My cardio felt good. I had a couple of two minute jams where I was exhausted by the end, but I felt I was able to quickly recover and get back out there. I also am getting better at my timing when calling off jams so I get points and the opposing jammer doesn’t

One thing I need to work on is getting my hands out of the way when I jam. I feel like I am pushing my opponents and sooner or later I will start to get high block penalties. I really need to watch footage of other jammers to see what they do with their hands and practice keeping mine out of the way.

We don’t have another game lined up until June 6, but May will be a busy month with boot camps, an invitational bout and a local tournament.


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