Three years!

It’s been three years since that blue dress drove me to get up early every morning and hop on that treadmill.

Three years since I said told myself I was going to lose weight and get back to my ‘normal’ size 12 body.

Three years since I started on this journey that ended up being about so much more than losing weight.

I was not one of those people who constantly tried to lose weight. I didn’t try and fail repeatedly because I never tried. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was the weight I was and that it would never change. I was always active, so I figured my weight was what it was meant to be.

Early on in our relationship my husband, who had successfully lost weight before I met him, told me I could be a size 8.

I laughed in his face.

I honestly did not believe that was even possible. I had pretty much always been a size 12-14 (with a couple of years at a size 18) and that is the way it would be. He got to give me a big “told you!” when I started buying size 8 clothes.

But that is what my journey has been about, more than losing weight, more than fitting into smaller clothes it has been about believing. I have gained more confidence in the last three years than in the thirty years prior, just because I believed in myself and proved to myself that I could do it.

Once you believe in yourself nothing holds you back. Sure you may trip and fall, but believing in yourself allows you to pick yourself right back up again and keep going.


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