Home gym: The Beginning

So a lot has happened since I last checked in. I quit my job and my husband and I packed up and moved east.

We spent the last two weeks on the road moving and finally got into our new place last Friday. One of the perks of the new place is one of the bedrooms in the basement is only partially finished and the perfect place to build a home gym. The room is 12’x14′ and pretty much a blank slate.


Plans for the space:
1) Knock out the closet to open up the space.
2) Paint the floor and add rubber mats
3) Add squat/ power rack with barbells and plates
4) Chalk/ white board for tracking workouts
5) TV with chrome cast for workout entertainment or running workout apps
6) Storage for dumbbells, barbell and plates
7) Somehow fit our treadmill and spin bike in the space too

We have some other work to do in the house so hopefully the gym won’t take too long to complete. The hardest part will be to source the rack and weight as I plan to buy used plates. I will be scouring kijiji for the next little while.


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