Home Gym: Not all there but functional

Well a couple of weeks and a lot of work later the gym is functional. This was actually sooner than expected because I changed the plan.

Originally I had wanted to take out the closet, but my husband made a very good argument about the amount of work and the fact that we could no longer count it as a bedroom if the closet was gone. So the closet stayed.

With that decision everything else became much easier. It was just a matter of painting the walls and floor, getting rubber mats and assembling our equipment.

The Paint certainly turned out to be as bright as I had hoped. I found an completely new can of an orange colour call ‘pumpkin butter’ which I absolutely love. If I hadn’t already started with the other colours I would have done the whole room in this colour. Regardless I like how it turned out.

I also found a chalk decal to use instead of the chalk paint, it was much cheaper and easier to put on. I have yet to buy any chalk though.

It is not 100 percent finished, I still need to put up our mirrors, but it is functional.

Once we are more established, I would also like to buy a squat rack and Olympic bar a plates. In really just need to keep my eye out for a used one and jump on a good deal I find. 




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