Thinking like an Athlete

I attended a workout class awhile back at work and the instructor asked me afterwards if I was an athlete. I responded ‘yes’ but actually doubted myself as I was answering. Am I?

I have never considered myself an athlete. I play sports and I work out but the two were never really connected. At least they weren’t.

At some point over the last year, my workouts and my sport became intertwined. I began researching what exercises workouts would help me improve my performance on the track. What movements am I struggling with on skates that I can work on off skates? What do I need to do to be better?

My workouts turned from haphazard rolls of the dice to focused, sport specific training sessions with goals in mind. I started making my workouts fit with my practice/ game schedule rather than completing a formal workout program…and practicing… and playing games. I started to think about “in season training” and not burning my body out over the course of our season.

I started thinking and training like an athlete.


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