2014 by the Pound

Last year I broke down 2013 one pound at a time (Original post can be found here: http://appsforfitness.blogspot.ca/2013/12/2013-by-pound.html). That year really focused on weight loss and reaching my goal, and as I moved into 2014 I was focused on maintaining my weight somewhere between 145 and 150 pounds.

I knew that maintenance meant focusing on new goals and I felt I was able to do that in 2014. Here is the month by month breakdown of my year of maintenance.

2014 Weight

January 2014: Losing 151-146 lbs

My goal for January was to get back on track after the holidays. I decided to change up my workouts and focused more on strength training. I picked up “New Rules of Lifting: Supercharged” and went full force into basic training!

February & March 2014: Maintaining 146-145 lbs

At the end of January, I started playing Roller Derby. OMG I am in love with this sport. Between that and weightlifting, quickly dropped to 144. I increased my calorie intake and stabilized at 146.

April 2014: Losing 146-144

This was a BIG month for me! First of all I had a serious stomach sickness, where I couldn’t really eat for a week. It sucked and is the reason why I dropped to 144. This was also right around the time I had to pass my benchmark tests for Derby, I was seriously worried I wouldn’t be well enough to complete them. Thankfully I passed and was able to play in my first Rookie bout at the end of the month. I was so nervous and so excited at the same time.

Oh and I also got my Bowflex dumbbells ❤

May, June, July and August 2014: Maintaining 150-145

This is where I really fell into stride with maintenance. I didn’t have to concentrate so much on exercise and food and was able to just enjoy myself.  During this time, I was focused on lifting and derby. Trying to find ways to improve and not injure myself.


September 2014 – Maintaining 148-146

I kind of lost it this month. I found myself getting tighter on diet and exercise and eventually just had enough. I put down all my tracking tools and stepped away. After maintaining for nearly a year I didn’t want to be constantly tracking.

I also wanted a simpler lifting routine where I actually felt like I was making progress, so I switched to Stronglifts 5×5. For the first time, I was really using the barbell and it felt great!

October & November 2014 – Gaining 146-151

I didn’t go completely off the rails after I gave up tracking, but I definitely was more forgiving with my food choices and the result was a slight gain over October/ November.

About mid-November my husband decided he needed to get on track with diet and exercise. He started paying more attention to food and didn’t snack so much. It has been great for him, but I rely heavily on evening snacks to make up my calories for the day, I had to start paying closer attention to make sure I was eating enough.

I was back to logging.

December 2014 – Losing

Cleaning up our diet has made a difference and I quickly lost the weight I had gained in October & November. Just reducing the amount of alcohol I drink has made a significant Jpegdifference.

I am back down to 146 (or I was before Christmas), which seems to be my ideal maintenance weight. I seem to return to this spot quite easily.

I finished up 12 weeks of Stronglifts and in the new year I will join the Crossfit group at work.

Bring on 2015 and another year of maintenance!