Balance & Endurance 3 Day a week Progam

This workout program is designed to build the endurance and balance for Roller Derby.

The strength portion of the workout, works on legs and core, with some arm work thrown in to give your legs a break. The focus here is to build the muscle required to skate for long periods of time and to work on single leg strength.

The tabata portion is designed to help improve your cadio endurance. The exercises in this part of the workout switch between ‘Burners’ or big muscle exercises like lunges and more intense cardio exercises like football feet and high knees.

Here are the links to the days, a sample workout and list of exercises can be found below.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Sample day

Warm-up (2 minutes – 30 seconds each exercise)

  • Jog in place
  • High Knees
  • Skips
  • Grape Vine

Strength Circuit – 3 – 5 rounds (1 min per exercise 1 min rest between rounds)

(Start with bodyweight, and as you progress with the exercise add weight)

  • Leg Strength
  • Upper Body
  • Single leg
  • Core

Cardio Tabata – 8 rounds per exercise (20 seconds on 10 sec rest) 1 min rest between exercises

  • Pick 4 of the cardio, try to alternate burners like squat jumps with speed exercises like football feet


List of Alternate Exercises

Leg Strength Exercises

– Squats

– lunges

– wall sits

– wall sit with leg extension

– lateral lunges

Single leg exercises (Balance)

– step ups

– side step ups

– Bulgarian squats

– single leg clock squats

– single leg dead lift

– single leg pillow stand

– single leg squat to chair

Core Exercises

– planks

– standing obliques

– Russian Twist

– scissors

– sit-ups

Upper body exercises

– pushups

– rows

– shoulder press

– bicep curl

– triceps

Cardio Leg exercises

– Squat jumps

– Jumping Jacks

– lunge jumps

– super skaters

– heisman

– toe taps

– log jumps

– knee drives

– reverse lunge with knee drives

– standing mountain climbers

– football feet

– basketball jumps

– Squat Jacks


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